Three things to know about November 30

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  1. If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas – check out the window today. Anders is today’s name in the calender, (means man or human), and tells you what the weather is going to be like on Christmas. If you see sleet on Anders-day, Christmas is going to be really cold and snowy according to our old Farmer’s almanac and this morning it sure looked like we’re getting a really cold and snowy Christmas in Stockholm this year!
  2. Cabbage roll day! One of our national dishes is actually an “import” from the middle east and was mentioned for the first time in 1765 in a famous Swedish cook book by Cajsa Warg. One unconfirmed theory is that our king Karl (Charles) XII brought it with him back from Turkey, where he had stayed for almost six years after his defeat in Poltava. No ABBA song about that battle…
  3. Charles XII died on the 30th of November in 1718, which meant the end of the Swedish Empire. The famous painting(s – there are two) of his funeral procession by Gustav Cederström hang in the Nationalmuseum, National Museum of Fine Arts in Stockholm and in the Gothenburg museum of art. Unfortunately, unlike the death of king Gustav II Adolf, there’s no specific pastery connected to this day to remember him by, so I’ll just have a regular ‘fika’, i.e. coffee break now…



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