Time to finally organize your jewelry?

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Autumn is perfect for cleaning out and to organize your home. Preparing for a fresh start with a dedicated place for every item.
I’ve been at the sorting stage for a month now, having the KonMarie method in mind. Items that don’t spark the feeling of joy in me I’ll either sell, give away or, if it can’t be repaired or reused in any way, throw away. This includes jewelry and accessories (which I of course prefer to sell or give away). But the items I keep I want to display nicely and there are several ways of doing that on a budget.
Here are five videos to inspire you organize, to make that display you always wanted and make your jewelry drawer a delight to open:


1. Get a professionally organized look for your jewelry:

2. For your everyday wear accessories:

3. A smart combo solution (the project starts around 2.45 min in)

4. Nice display for accessories:

5. And finally, for your travels, tips for keeping your accompanying jewelry organized:

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