12 thoughtful gift ideas for him

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Thoughtful gift ideas

In part 1 of this blog post, you find more thoughtful gift ideas. If any of them suit the reciever better than these, then just go for it. No judging here! This ‘his and hers’ sectioning is just a practical and a bit sterotypichal way of deviding the blog post, but hopefully you get get your wheels turning from these exemples.

So, you want to give something more personal than a tech gadget, slippers or a robe? There are plenty of DIY videos on YouTube on Christmas presents and a few of the suggestions in this list are really easy DIYs, but you will also find ideas of store bought items, events/experiences that can be just as personal.

12 gifts from the heart

1.  A framed picture of the soundwaves of his favourite song
The exemple below is Back in black by AC/DC. I used AuCDtect, did some cutting and pasting, printed it on aquarelle/water color paper for a nice texture and then framed it using a black passepartout. For other forms of waves and patterns, use another audio spectrum analyzer software or sound wave software free for downloading.


2. Gift baskets or boxes
For any kind of gift basket, you can get content inspiration from ready-made sets at gourmet or delicatessen online shops and put together your version of it and get away with less money. Choose things that suits the receiver. Cellophane and a ribbon makes it look great.
First, how a bout a gift basket/box for the BBQ fan? Yes, you can barbeque during winter too, even if you live in a place where it gets really cold. Put together a gift set of e.g.smoke wood chunks, vacuum marinaters, sauces, utensils, a digital thermometer and a cool apron.

Or a basket filled with quality delicatessen like olives, healthy nuts like naturelle macademias, home-baked saffron biscottis or chocolate/date balls. If he enjoys cooking, put in a piece of himalayan salt and a mini grater, truffel oil, aged italian balsamico vinegar and a whiskey or honey flavoured mustard.



3. Books
It’s never too late to get a grip on ones finances, learn a new hobby or just expand ones knowledge. Inspirational books on personal finace, how the mind works, photograpy or just a great novel are all great choices.

4. Sign up for a race together
Also, if he runs when it’s dark outside, a LED headlamp and a refective vest is a great way of saying that you care for his safetly. The headlamp can be useful for other occations as well.

jogger LED_Headlamp_7_LED_Headlight

5. Movie night box
Pack a box, a popcorn container or a paper cone with movie tickets and his favorite snacks. If you are a commenter like me, include a promise  not to talk until after the movie…


 6. A tour at a brewery
If you don’t have a brewery close by, a beer or wine tasting event can be something interesting to go to together. You can also secretly invite his friends to join you.

7. A gift card for professional barber
It’s like a retro and modern male spa-experience.  An old fashioned shaving kit for him to use at home afterwards can be a part of the gift. If he has no facial hair to talk about, perhaps the bearded beanie is a fun idea, but only if you’re sure he can take the joke. If not, a more suitable accessory could be a bow tie. Also retro, yet modern.

Barber   Bearded-Beanie
8. Tickets to a stand-up comedy show
Shared laughs is always a great gift.

9. A nice bottle of wine, whiskey or cognac
Keep notes or take a photo of the bottle label when he mensions his favourites. If you can find a bottle from the same year you met or another year of importance for him, it adds to the personal aspect of this gift.

christmasbottle_final_higres-1-300x225   Gift-Wrap

10. A bag of his favourite coffee beans
Ask his favorite coffee shop if you can buy their beans if they don’t have it on display.


11. Make a personal cook book using a printed photo album service
This one takes some time, so save this idea for a birthday or next Christmas if you don’t have the time to make it this time around. There are many great male home cooks out there, but for others it’s a struggle to come up with lunch or dinner ideas. Make a tailor made book with favourite recipes. Since its for personal use, you can borrow text and photos freely from the Internet.


12. Subscriptions
A magazine, a music-, movie-/TV-series service. Usefulness works with guys.

Bonus idea: Donate to a good cause in his name.
If he likes animals, the local shelter usually needs money. For other causes, pick a larger organisations you can trust makes good use of the money. They usually provide you with a gift certificates too.

This final tip is for the advanced gift giver is from part 1, but deserves repeating. Start preparing now for next year. Keep a list, e.g in your phone where you write down every time you get a good gift idea of something he’d need or would appreciate.  Dont trust your memory. You won’t remember it one, six or 11 months later. While you’re at it, start such a list for every person you usually give gifts to.

Good luck!
MerryChristmas m gren

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