12 thoughtful gift ideas for her

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Thoughtful gift ideas

Christmas countdown. You need thoughtful gift ideas for that special someone in your life. Of course an expensive item usually shows that the receiver is important to you, but what if you want to give something other than jewelry, perfume, a weekend getaway or an exclusive robe? Or just an addition to the pricier gifts the woman in your life has wished for. A personal gift that doesn’t cost a fortune and says “I know what kind of person you are and I truly appreciate you”? Don’t worry, you don’t have to knit a sweater or start taking wood work classes to be able to a produce personal gifts, but there are plenty of DIY videos on YouTube on Christmas presents for those of you who want to give handicrafts a go.

For the rest of you, here are some ideas of store bought items and events/experiences that can be just as personal.

12 gifts from the heart

1. A framed collage photo or photo album of fun and memorable times you’ve had together
For next year you can have this in mind and capture moments throughout the year she’d appreciate that you recognized as valuable. There are many free collage maker software on the Internet and simple programs for great photo album layouts are usually available from the photo printing company.

collage_frame        content-album1

2. A beautiful notebook or writing journal for her ideas, dreams and plans
If she enjoys sketching, get one with blank pages. A smooth, flowy pen can be a nice addition too.

skrivbok 2Bullfinch&JapaneseScr

3. Gift baskets or boxes
Put it together yourself, don’t just buy the ready-made ones.  Choose things that suits the receiver and signals that you care about her well-being. Cellophane and a ribbon makes it look great.
A gift basket/box from the health food store is a great choice for a everyone; dried fruit or berries, herbal infusion tea, vitamin D/omega 3 capsules for the winter and some quality dark chocolate.

cellofanchristmas gift

4. Or a gift mix for the ultimate winter evening inside: cozy socks, tea and perhaps a nice cup to go with it, a sentenced candle and a book
It doesn’t have to be a novel, there’s a lot of interesting non-fiction books such as Thinking, Fast and Slow, A short story of nearly everything, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, The Gifts of Imperfection, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease, an inspirational almanac by Coelho or for the really open minded, books about astrology, life beyond death or Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking . It’s just a book. Go a bit crazy. Who knows where it might lead.

Gift idea books

5. Talking of books, an inspiring cookbook together with some colorful utensils can spark inspiration for cooking or baking
Time to try raw? Or throw in a gift card for a cooking class you can attend together.

6. Movie night box
Pack a box, a popcorn container or a paper cone with movie tickets and her favorite snacks.



7. A giftcard for a brunch or dinner
Book a date and for en extra twist, surprise her with secretly inviting her friends to join you.

8. A gift card for professional products from her from hair dresser

9. Get a ticket to an interesting lecture
Perhaps you can go together. Keep an open mind and choose an event that would interest her.

10. Coffee shop gift card
If she’s one of those girls who love spending hours in the coffee shop with friends, a gift card to her local favorite place can be a good idea.

11. A nice bottle of wine of the same kind you shared on a special occasion or just her favorite.
Keep notes or take a photo of the bottle label when she tells you she really liked the wine.

christmasbottle_final_higres-1-300x225   Gift-Wrap

12. A bag of her favourite coffee beans
Number 11 works for coffee too. Ask her favorite coffee shop if you can buy their beans if they don’t have it on display.


Bonus idea: Donate to a good cause in her name.
If she likes cats or dogs, the local shelter usually needs money or if children in need is closer to her heart, pick one of the larger organisations you can trust makes good use of the money. They usually provide you with a gift certificates too.

And for the advanced gift giver, start preparing now for next year. Things we haven’t even asked for are truly appreciated among most women. Keep a list, e.g in your phone where you write down every time you get a good gift idea of something she’d need or would appreciate.  Dont trust your memory. You won’t remember it one, six or 11 months later.

And finally, there are lots of instructional videos on how to wrap the gift nicely if you struggle with this one. Using cotton or silk ribbon instead of paper ribbon instantly gives the gift a more exclusive look.
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