The inspiration for the collection

Gifts of love that were in fashion for over 300 years

Love carvings collection, inspirationNo other traditions than those associated with love and courtship have inspired more beautiful and embellished gifts. A handmade gift of love for the person who holds the key to your heart has been the perfect choice for centuries in Sweden.

The patterns of this collection have been found on Swedish everyday wood items mainly from the late 17th century to the early 20th century, some  even from the 15th century. Chip carving is a kind of decorative woodcarving in which knives are used to remove small chips of wood from a flat surface. Designs are incised into a flat or curved surface to enhance the beauty of an object. Geometric shapes are most typical in designs, but chip carving techniques may be used for free-form carving and shapes derived from nature. These kinds of patterns were common all over Scandinavia. What is special about the items is that they all were given as a love token to someone special. In traditional courtship, decorated appliances and houseware, particularly items connected with typical women tasks, such as wash sticks, mangle boards and attachments for the spinning wheel called distaffs, were common as gifts. Most of the items are still in good shape, since they were treasured, given a place of honour in the home, usually hanging on the wall.

The patterns that were cherished among the common folk were not especially affected by different styles, e.g. the Gustavian and Empire styles, as was the case for the higher society. The common folk kept the same traditional, geometrical shapes and the patterns were faithfully repeated through the centuries.

The jewelry are patterned on both sides. They are available in sterling silver and som models also in gold vermeil.

You can give each pattern a meaning, making it a symbol of your past, your present and your future. The symbol of love comes with the patterns.

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