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What an event! Glitter and gold and nicely dressed people everywhere you look. This year’s jewelry and watch fair in Stockholm was full of inspiring jewelry and designers.

One of them was Anna Odeback, the founder of Shieldmaid, whom I was happy to congratulate to winning the award Precious Talent 2015. We met last year at the fair and I was immediately drawn to her concept and designs. Just like Arva, Shieldmaid has found its inspiration in Swedish history, but from an earlier era, the Age of the Vikings. I really appreciate her encouraging words this past year when things were tough during the preparations for the launch of Arva Sweden.

You could walk around for hours and still not be sure that you hadn’t missed something, but two half days was what I had to work with. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to attend the seminars presented by the Swedish fashion council, but the major jewelry trends are presented below.

I’m looking forward to next years Precious fair, to be inspired, dazzled and proud over how many great designer we have in the Nordic countries. It’s truly a blessing to be surounded with so many beautiful things when working in this industry.

The trends

Gold and glitter
Spring will sparkle. Think Studio 54 and the disco feeling of the seventies. Sequins and frosty nail polish. And the colour of golden yellow will have its revival. We will see gold in both large luxurious designs as well as in small, thin necklaces with minimalistic chains and charms. The golden, the glowing and the copper tones will be reflected in interior decoration, shoes and bags.
Black and white patterns of nature. There is a strong black and white theme with various animal patterns, such as zebra, dots and stripes. Stone such as marble in black, white and grey together with brass is strong, with a retrospective glance at the eighties, only this time more minimalistic. Pearls will have a comeback too: natural and synthetic, big and small, white and in various shades of grey.

Sunset traveller
Also in this trend, gold and brass will emerge together with warm burned tones of cognac, natural beige, paisley and animal prints. This is bohemian chic with a seventies feel to it. A parallel development is the growing wish to not be online – to be able to go into offline mode. Classics, in fashion as well as in watches and jewellery. This is particularly noticeable in watches where designers look back on older, pre-digital models.

Crisp pastels
In this theme, we will see how pastels such as light pink and blue, mint and different tones of beige find new ground in fashion: simplicity with at sporty touch, while still very feminine. The crisp pastels with work very well with jewellery and accessories in silver and rose gold.

This is the trend where order rules – in the jewellery box as well as in the closet. The style is very neat, bordering nerdy. A tailored and sporty look with influences from the early sixties, but the neatness is complemented by breaking it up with mixes of patterns and materials. A classic pearl necklace as well as sporty and colourful watches will go well with this new trend.


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